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Unfurling a wide variety of beaded fashion bags beautified with various kinds of glass beads, wooden beads, plastic beads etc. Designed to perfection, our exotic collection of beaded hand bags and fashion hand bags is trendy and unique in appeal. Available in different shapes & sizes with different capacity, our beaded hand bags and fashion hand bags are designed to team up traditional as well as western ensemble. We can also manufacture & offer beaded fashion bags according to client's requirement.

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  • Beaded Fashion Bags

  • ITEM CODE: FB001
  • DESCRIPTION:This beaded fashion bag with traditional design is available in a combination of red, yellow & blue colors.
  • Glass Beads Fashion Bags

  • ITEM CODE: FB002
  • DESCRIPTION:An elegant piece of bag in a vibrant shade is designed with ivory white & tiny glass beads.

Associated Crafts
  • Colorful Fashion Bags

  • ITEM CODE: FB003
  • DESCRIPTION:This eye-catching piece of colorful bag designed with sheen beads is highly spacious.
  • Fashion Bags With Straps

  • ITEM CODE: FB004
  • DESCRIPTION:Intricately designed fashionable bag with colorful beads and designer straps.

Associated Crafts
  • Fashion Bags With Beads

  • ITEM CODE: FB005
  • DESCRIPTION:Ethnically designed bag in attractive color combination is decorated with colored & textured beads.
  • Fashion Bags With Mirror Work

  • ITEM CODE: FB006
  • DESCRIPTION:This fashion bag in eye-soothing colors is beautified with glossy beads and mirror work.

Associated Crafts
  • Trendy Fashion Bags

  • ITEM CODE: FB007
  • DESCRIPTION:This beaded fashionable bag is designed with sheen glass beads & is extremely trendy.
  • Fashion Bags With Striped Strap

  • ITEM CODE: FB008
  • DESCRIPTION:Elegantly designed with bead work, this colorful bag with striped strap is perfect for casual use.

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